You have such good taste!

You have entered a magical world, just left of the Milky Way. 
Ethereal frocks with a touch of past centuries made of silk organza, velvets, tulle and linens. Details matter and some of those are pin tucks, little silk ribbons, embroidery, velvet covered buttons . . .
There are also other special treasures meant to touch your soul and your heart.  Believing in the magic of dogs (and all animals), peek into the Pet Tags and for more magic, take a peek at the Bubble Blower Wands.
Wander through all the curiosities and be transported.
A special perk: When you purchase from At-Choo, you are, in turn, helping shelter dogs who are in tremendous need of medical care and safety. The AT-CHOO FOUNDATION, a non-profit 501(c)(3) helps to make that happen by committing funds to these Professors of Love. That enables safety to come quicker.

Each order that leaves our cozy studio heading to you, comes with a picture of a special Professor of Love and his/her 'story'. That special pooch has been rescued or adopted after having been at risk for not making it out of the shelter. It's crazy, but you are helping to save these souls easy peasy, by buying a treasure from At-Choo.

This charming and swanky Professor of Love was found on a Los Angeles freeway. She was a wreck. Her mouth was so tragic that a hole were formed going from the inside going to the outside - when she ate, the food came out through her cheek. Along with everything else going on, her lips were necrotic and had to be cut away, as in plastic surgery. She is now healthy and helps her adoptive family by helping to heal other dogs they bring in that needing love and  mending.

It is heart bursting rewarding to be able to help a Professor of Love, such as Prof. Fae who was in urgent need of medical care. To see these teachers of life lessons go from having no one in their corner, to being rescued, cared for, adopted - well, it's just an incredible feeling for everyone.

Compassion matters.