D2. Scar Therapy Dog

$ 125.00

“Normal is boring,” as it says on the tag hanging from the ribbon around her neck. Stitches are a sign of survival and strength.

These stitches are all done by hand and therefore, like each of us, each Scar Therapy Dog is unique and not exactly like all the others.

Scar is about 14" long with her body being made of super soft furry-like fabric that has been groomed with various clippings, shavings and then embroidered. All done in Los Angeles, in my home, with fuzz flying all over the place. She wears a handmade crown to symbolize the respect and honor all dogs, aka Professors of Love, deserve.

Colors to choose for Scar;

white with blue stitches

white with pink stitches

One of the many inspirations for the Scar Therapy Dog is Ricky who had a nasty conversation with a car. It resulted in broken bones and lacerations. Yet, he stayed happy, loving and ready to run and play. He was at risk for losing a front leg, due to both of them being damaged with little hope of repair. But he said, no ya don't. He has now built up enough muscle and strength that amputation is not an option. He is an inspiration, a Professor of Love.

For every Therapy Dog who finds a home, another one in a shelter is helped due to At-Choo helping to support the AT-CHOO FOUNDATION, whose goal is to help shelter dogs in urgent need of medical help and safety. BEAUTIFUL!