New! P1. Scalloped Plate 7.5"

$ 55.00

7.5" across and a reproduction of an antique scalloped rim plate. Each plate has a powerful and positive word. Because my philosophy is that a dog belongs on everything, of course, there's a wee rescued pooch with the mood transforming word. Add either small hearts or X for kisses and it's time to eat! Or just sit and stare at the plates and feel your heart and blood pressure relax.

-Love, has Thoreo, a chiweenie with heart issues.

-Kisses, has Quizzie, a doxie who was found in the garbage and now runs my life.

-Beautiful, has Lardell Angus, the dachshund of sorts, who is 1/2 german shepherd, 1/2 doxie and 100% cartoon character.

-Affection, has Lardel, again, but in a different pose.

-Possible, has Daffy, a doxie/pointer/beagle mix who had the worst mange I had ever seen and emotionally a wreck. Now, healed and a happy Professor of Love.

-Happy, has another pict of Mr. Lardel.

So much fun seeing a different plate at each place setting and a reason to start a conversation.

Each plate that finds a home helps a shelter dog in need of medical care thanks to the At-Choo Foundation. Love that!

When ordering your plate, be sure to mention which word you would like.