New! D6. Heart Therapy Dog

$ 108.00

That place were souls live - the heart. Large and beating with life, each heart shows us the importance of love and what really matters. A sparkly crown sits upon this one’s sweet head, tilted just ever so slightly. The heartbeats are embroidered and end up going around that big beautiful heart that affects ours so very much.

If you’ve ever known a special soul with a larger than average container of the soul, this Heart Therapy Dog, around 14" long, might make yours feel all squishy. Just like us, no two are exactly alike.

Available in pink only.


One of the real life inspirations is a little Chihuahua with big ears and soul - Thoreo. One of 11 dogs who ended up at the shelter after his person passed. Thoreo was rescued by Synergy, based in San Diego and as if his heart wasn't big enough - he kept stealing more.

Each Heart Therapy Dog has an added benefit - it helps a shelter dog to get the medical care needed and safety, thanks to the At-Choo Foundation. Yay!