D5. Senior Wise Therapy Dog

$ 125.00

With her one blue cataract eye. embroidered warts, stitches and skin tags, she is a dream of elegance and wisdom. Her hand-made ivory crown with branches of sparkling buds symbolize so much. The real life versions of senior dogs are gifted with special knowledge  of how to heal and teach wise and powerful lessons to human beings.

Each dog/aka Professor of Love, comes into this world with a grand mission of affecting and making a difference in our lives. The embroidered A+ represents a 'job well done'. The lessons are being taught and received. To hold her is to melt into her super duper pooper soft, hand clipped fur, thin in some places and not in others.

Just like us, no two are exactly alike and all are crazy adorable and heart melting.

Maybe you are lucky enough to know in real life a glorious Senior Therapy Dog. Quizzie, the real dog in the picts, is one who has inspired fostering of shelter dogs in order to save their lives and taught the importance of being determined. Yes, an A+, for sure on her report card in life.

Senior Wise Therapy Dog is about 14" long and each time she finds a home, another special dog in a shelter is helped by the At-Choo Foundation making sure they get medical care and find safety. Beautiful!