D1. Angel Therapy Dog

$ 125.00

“There is so much love surrounding you,” as it says on the tag that hangs from the ribbon around the neck that is tied with a bow. The cute little stubby tail has a skinny bow around it and the super duper soft body is about 14” long. When I put the wings together (made from branches from various trees/plants, shooting stars, buds and ribbon), I'm thinking of each Angel Dog I have  been lucky enough to know in real life. I have to believe and do believe that a part of them is in each of these special Healers of Hearts.

Just like us, no two are exactly alike. Each are magical and all wear a handmade crown to remind us all of the respect and honor dogs deserve. 

Available in white only.

Each Angel Therapy Dog who finds a home helps another one in a shelter who needs medical care and safety. Thanks to the At-Choo Foundation. Nice!

One of the many magical Professors of Love and Inspiration for Angel Therapy Dog is Quizzie. She lived a life that helped other dogs who were at risk in shelters by being a partner with her mom and becoming the queen of the home, keeping order and hierarchy well established with the fosters who stayed. She confirmed just how super smart dogs are and makes sure her presence is still felt, no matter that her new home is Heaven.