Dog Face Top

$ 190.00


Dogs! Dogs! I love dogs! Especially, all of these!

On a whim, I did this top with it's pointed sleeves (there's a tuck at the wrist) and with a boxy, comfy bit. It's in cotton and well, I say, wear what you love and I love dogs!

At-Choo helps to support the At-Choo Foundation, which helps shelter dogs to get urgent medical care, so what better than to have dogs all over this top?!

Isn't it nice to know that aside from feeling good for looking so adorable, you're heart will also feel good, knowing you've helped a shelter dog in urgent need of medical care.

The Dog Face Top comes in small, medium and large, is made in lovely Los Angeles.

My fav breed? Any breed that has been rescued. And I consider Mutts a breed.