WH4. Crimson Red Wee Home

$ 55.00

All homes are made individually by hand out of a clay that is then baked in my oven at home till it’s sweet and perfectly charming. A wee pooch is on every roof with 'love' coming out of the chimney, since every home that has a dog has love coming out of it.

They come in wee sizes of large - 4", medium - 3" and small - 2" tall. Not including "love" that billows out of each chimney.

The material that built the homes is a clay that I bake in my oven at home until each one is perfectly sweet and charming. They should be considered fragile.

Each wee home that finds a real live home helps a shelter dog to get medical care and safety due to At-Choo supporting the AT-CHOO FOUNDATION, a 501(c)(3) non profit. Hooray!!