C1. Adoption

$ 7.50

What?! A new soul has appeared in your life? How exciting is that?! You must share that news that makes your heart burst and your smile go ear to ear! You'll make other's smiles go ear to ear, as well, with your news.

This soul is extra special. Being made of Unconditional Love is something more precious than gold and more healing than aspirin and mashed potatoes and chicken soup. It's value is endless and it is priceless. Don't you think such a soul deserves some extra fanfare?

We do!

Arrival announcements are sent out for new human babies, and we think pets are just as worthy of the same fanfare.

This is different and inspiring of how loved and worthy your new addition is. It's a four layer card incorporating vellum, a ‘see through’ paper. One layer is embossed with a dog bone and scrolls. Another is personalized with a picture of your precious new four legged addition for all to see and admire. Fill in the important details, ie:  name (“referred to as Your Highness _____”) and also, your name, which would be under (of course), “Proud Guardian and Humble Servant.”

All sales help a shelter dog in need of extreme medical help, thx to the At-Choo Foundation. Hooray!