We are devoted to finding medical help, safety and love on 
a forever and ever basis for shelter medical dogs who are in
extreme need of care that the shelter is unable to provide.
That means we network them until they are rescued or adopted
by a worthy person or group and then help pay for the medical
costs. It has been proven that with funds in place, a Professor
of Love is rescued quicker.

We are a non profit 501(c)(3) supported by wonderful people
donating who believe in and share our passion.

Many times at shelters, there are dogs who have conditions
that can’t be diagnosed or treated due to the lack of funds.
So, while they wait to be rescued or adopted, they deal with
their pain in whatever way they can. Sometimes, the condition
untreated continues to do damage to the dog. All of those
things lessen a dogs chance to be saved and more importantly,
is just simply, horrible for any pet to deal with.

Our goal is to change that.

After years of volunteering at Baldwin park shelter,
I (Elaine Seamans) have seen things that vets only read
about in school.

Things that can break a soul, things that ‘civilians’
don’t want to hear about. And these things, these
illnesses, conditions and abuses need to be treated.
But, due to the lack of funds, the Professors of Love
with furry bodies wait.

If you would like to become a part of our family and
believe in the beauty and power of these wonderful babies
we want to help who are in extreme need of medical help,
Every donation is 100% tax deductible. Hooray!
Our website is

EIN: 47-4427209.  CORP: 3784789.

 This is one of our latest Professors of Love we have been so happy to help. She was found on the 605 freeway in Los Angeles and has been named, Fae, in honor of faeries. When she was found, her skull was emaciated and her mouth a total infected, painful wreck. With her being anemic and having a severe heart murmur her dental surgery was risky, but she pulled through and now has 3 teeth. With 10 extracted, that means that somewhere along the way in her previous life, she lost 28 choppers. Fae's mouth was so filled with ulcers that her lips had to be rebuilt.

This picture is of her wearing a sparkly dress and collar, all meant to help her to feel pretty again. She is repaying all the kindness and help she has received by helping new fosters in her home to feel get what she has received - love. She is a master Professor of Love.

Board Members;

President/Big Cheese/Ruler of Sanity; Lance Hunter

Treasurer/Reality Advisor; Shani Bayne

Secretary/Founder/Trench Fairy; Elaine Seamans