The At-Choo Foundation commits funds to shelter medical dogs who are in
extreme need of care that the shelter is unable to provide.
That means we network them until they are rescued or adopted
by a worthy person or group and then help pay for the medical
costs. It has been proven that with funds in place, a Professor
of Love is rescued quicker. That means care, comfort and love come quicker.

Many times at shelters, there are dogs who have conditions
that can’t be diagnosed or treated due to the lack of funds.
So, while they wait to be rescued or adopted, they deal with
their pain in whatever way they can. Sometimes, the condition
untreated continues to do damage to the Professor of Love. All of those
things lessen a Professors chance to be saved and more importantly,
is just simply, horrible for any pet to deal with.

Our goal is to change that.

After years of volunteering at Baldwin park shelter,
I (Elaine Seamans) have seen things that vets only read
about in school.

Things that can break a soul, things that ‘civilians’
don’t want to hear about. And these things, these
illnesses, conditions and abuses need to be treated.
But, due to the lack of funds, the Professors of Love
with furry bodies wait.

If you would like to become a part of our family and
believe in the beauty and power of these wonderful souls
who are so deserving of medical help,
Every donation is 100% tax deductible and HUGELY appreciated!
Our website is

EIN: 47-4427209.

CORP: 3784789.


Prof. Burke in the Baldwin Park Shelter with a 3 pound mass on his side. The At-Choo Foundation committed to covering his medical care funds and he was rescued, got all that he needed and now has been adopted!

He was adopted by the head of a Humane Society and he now represents his breed (Pit Bull) at  Pet Assisted Therapy sessions at senior centers.

Smarty pants, Prof. Burke.