Vulgar Tags

Does your dog have passion? Does your dog speak his or her mind? Does your dog have a special affinity for squirrels? If yes, we have just the raunchy pet tags for you! These were inspired by Quizzie, the  potty-mouthed wiener dog.

Reason these are wickedly good to have?

(1) They are vulgar.

(2) They say so much rudeness on such a little space.

(3) You can wear them and blame being crass on your dog.

(4) Your dog will be the only one of his flock of pooches who dares to speak his/her mind in such a unique fashion.

(5) As a result of (4), your pooch will become a role model for others.

All sales help a shelter dog in need of extreme medical help, thanks to the At-Choo Foundation. Hooray!