Pet Memorial Coins

These bring comfort and help with the searing pain of losing a 4 legged best friend. Even though your pet is in a wonderful place called Heaven, it helps to have one of these treasures at a shrine for your friend, or to keep with you when you’re feeling the loss of such a special soul.

Inspiration; When my Quackers went to Heaven, I was devastated, although happy for her being out of such discomfort. I thought, surely I couldn't be the ONLY one who cherished their 4 legged Best Friend the way that I did. She changed my life and she meant more to me than I can put into words. I wasn't raised where such love was understood and my close friends, back then, didn't really 'get' that a pet can be more of a 'family' than the human variety.

So, with hesitation and shaky nerves, I created the these coins to help with the grief, in the hopes that they would help others feeling as hollow and devastated as I had felt. They were born out of the idea that you would quietly feel connected to your beloved friend, simply by feeling the token in your pocket. A personal connection. A healing connection.

To help to heal a heart is something beautiful. When I got this note from Julie Chun, it meant the world to me. Maybe you, too, can help to heal someone's heart, via a Memorial Coin.

". . . I finally saw my friend who I had asked you to send a Memorial Coin to when they lost their Daisy (a corgi mix). She started crying and hugging me and telling me that that one piece of metal was their touch stone that kept them connected to Daisy and connected to this world, at a time when they were afraid they would lose their minds from the grief. They couldn't believe that something so simple could literally save them . . ."

All sales help a shelter dog in need of extreme medical care, thanks to the At-Choo Foundation.