Therapy Dogs

Inspired by the many Professors of (unconditional) Love that I’ve met while volunteering at animal shelters (Los Angeles) who were waiting for homes and at risk for being euthanized. The most unique animals have some of the best lessons and reminders for humans.

She is just one of the many Masters Professors of (unconditional) Love, I’ve been lucky enough to meet and help. She and more are all inspirations and a reminder of priorities, strength, and balance for us humans.

These Therapy Dogs are not toys, but instead, are meant to help heal hearts, inspire hope, strength, and when necessary, a shift in priorities. Each one is made by hand, and just like us, each one might be a bit different than the other. Infused in each one is the love and energy of each real life dog who has inspired their super soft counterpart.

Created in Los Angeles, each Therapy Dog comes with it's name on a hand torn tag along with it's lesson or inspiration written with a quill pen and signed by me, Elaine Seamans.  An At-Choo tag is also attached to the ribbon on the neck along with the meaning behind the therapy dogs enclosed in a glassine envelope that is sealed with an image of a dog nose.

For every Therapy Dog who finds a home, another one in a shelter is helped due to At-Choo donating to the AT-CHOO FOUNDATION, a non profit whose goal is to help shelter dogs in need of medical help and safety on a forever basis. Love and cuddles can change the world. HOORAY!