Welcome to At-Choo!

You have entered the most whimsical little world, just left of the Milky Way. 
It's where helping dogs collides into wondrous, whimsical and fantastical treasures. All having been inspired by beauty, giggles, compassion and amazing souls in furry packages.
A world of treasures meant to touch your soul, your funny bone and your heart.
A special perk; When you purchase from At-Choo, you are, in turn, helping shelter dogs who are in tremendous need of medical care and safety. The AT-CHOO FOUNDATION, a non-profit 501(c)(3) helps to make that happen by committing funds to these Professors of Love. That enables safety to come quicker.

Each order that leaves our cozy studio heading to you, comes with a picture of a special Professor of Love and his/her 'story'. That special pooch has been rescued or adopted after having been at risk for not making it out of the shelter. It's crazy, but you are helping to save these souls easy peasy, by buying a treasure from At-Choo. Beautiful!

 One day on the 605 freeway in Los Angeles, a little terribly neglected chiweenie was found. That was the day that little underweight girl found her fairytale. She was picked up by a big hearted man and came to the Baldwin Park Shelter with a severely infected, painful and ulcerated mouth (among other things).

The At-Choo Foundation covered her medical bill and she is now the healer in her new home where she has healed the human hearts who had suffered 4 losses in one year. She also heals the fostered dogs who are lucky enough to enjoy her new home, by welcoming them and cuddling next to them. Such is the mission of many dogs and especially of Fae, a Professor of Love.