Welcome to At-Choo!

You have entered the most whimsical little world, just left of the Milky Way. 
It's where helping dogs collides into wondrous, whimsical and fantastical treasures. All having been inspired by beauty, giggles, compassion and amazing souls in furry packages.
A world of treasures meant to touch your soul, your funny bone and your heart.
When you purchase from At-Choo, you are, in turn, helping shelter dogs who are patiently waiting for medical care and safety.
A non-profit 501(c)(3) devoted to helping shelter dogs get medical help, safety and love on a forever basis.
Each order that leaves our cozy studio heading to you, comes with a picture of a special Professor of Love and his/her 'story'. That special pooch has been rescued or adopted after having been at risk for not making it out of the shelter. It's crazy, but you are helping to save these souls easy peasy, by buying a treasure from At-Choo. How great is that?!

This is Benny Bumblebee, our first Professor of Love the At-Choo Foundation was able to help. A senior weenie dog, partially blind, partially deaf and with teeth that were green, black and were massively infected. No more! Now, he is healthy, adored and even has his own Facebook page.